The Third Tom Swift Series
by Victor Appleton

Publisher: Wanderer Books division of Simon & Schuster.
Cover Design: Rebecca "Becky" Tachna (1-11)
Cover Art:: Mark Sullivan (1,2); Alex Machin (3-11)
Format: Paperback, no internal illustrations.
Volumes 1-9 also issued in hardcover with DJ and are rare.
These books have been found in library hardcover rebindings.
~ The Books ~
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Tom Swift III Cover Art 1: The City In The Stars - 1981 - For Sale

The mysterious explosion of Tom's new spaceship forces him and his buddy Ben to investigate Dr. Hans Grotz, a respected scientist and director of New America, a fantastic orbiting space colony.

At the same time, Tom is testing his recent invention, a high-powered engine that will launch the Daniel Boone, Swift Enterprises latest spacecraft. Someone is sabotaging the test engine, endangering hundreds of lives. Who is bent on destroying Swift Enterprises?

Tom and his new-found allies, Anita Thorwald and Benjamin Franklin Walking Eagle, battle sinister forces in this cosmic adventure.

Tom Swift III Cover Art 2: Terror On The Moons Of Jupiter - 1981 - For Sale

Tom and his friends, Anita and Ben, travel to the mineral-rich planet of Jupiter on the new Swift Enterprises' spacecraft, the Daniel Boone. On the way, Tom invents Aristotle, a brilliant and sometimes almost human robot, who will help them on their dangerous journey. Someone else is after the minerals of Jupiter's moons, and that someone is a madman who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Tom risks his life to save the crew of the Daniel Boone from a terrible plague unleashed by the criminal in this exciting tale of outer-space espionage.

Tom Swift III Cover Art3: The Alien Probe - 1981 - For Sale

When a mysterious and top-secret alien probe, which Tom found on Jupiter, is stolen from Swift Enterprises, Tom Swift rockets into another exciting mission. The information locked in the probe is invaluable, and Tom must find it at all costs.

He and his friends, Anita and Ben, chase the thief through underground caverns and, using their high-powered space-ships, through the blackness of space--risking everything they have to find the alien probe and reveal its secrets.

Tom Swift III Cover Art 4: The War In Outer Space - 1981 - For Sale

When Tom builds the marvelous new hyper-drive spacecraft, Exedra, he zooms off to a distant part of the galaxy and a dangerous, challenging adventure.

With his friends, Ben and Anita, and his trusty robot, Aristotle, Tom meets a peace-loving but frightened race of insectoids known as the Skree. When Tom Learns that the intelligent Skree are being attacked by a vicious and relentless race of humanoids, the Chutans, he is determined to help them.

Tom and his friends face almost certain death as they fight the Chutans to save Earth from destruction!

Tom Swift III Cover Art5: The Astral Fortress - 1981 - For Sale

Tom, Ben, Kate and Anita fight for their lives when they are captured by the evil industrialist, David Luna, and imprisoned in his massive space fortress. Luna is desperate for the secret of the stardrive that Tom has developed which makes it possible to travel from one galaxy to another in a matter of minutes.

When Luna tries to force the stardrive into operation, an accident occurs--hurtling them deep into unknown space. They come upon a dark, swampy planet infested with strange and dangerous beasts. It's up to Tom to save them all from the planet and it's deadly inhabitants!

Tom Swift III Cover Art 6: The Rescue Mission - 1981 - For Sale

While returning to Earth from another galaxy, Tom, Ben, Anita and Aristotle receive an emergency distress call from a distant planet. They race to help, but find themselves in the hands of unfriendly robots who are attempting to eliminate all humanoid life from their planet!

Tom and his friends meet up with some of the last surviving humanoids and decide to help them while trying to save themselves. They must battle the robots and dodge their dreaded weapons to free the planet from mechanoid tyranny!

Tom Swift III Cover Art7: Ark Two - 1982 - For Sale

There's trouble on Ark Two, the ecological research station attached to New America. Tom rockets off to investigate, but is nearly killed when a mysterious ship suddenly attacks.

Meanwhile, an important component of Ark Two, Sea Globe, is stolen. Tom and his friends must search through deep space to find it, but are pursued and threatened by their elusive enemies. Could Tom's buddy, K'orlii, from the planet Aquilla, and his people be the culprits? Tom tirelessly pieces together clue after clue to discover the astounding solution to this baffling space-age puzzle!

Tom Swift III Cover Art 8: Crater Of Mystery - 1983 - For Sale

When Tom and his friends are asked to investigate trouble in the unexplored Darian System, they find themselves up against a mysterious foe that could destroy every being on the planet!

The winged Cerulleans, who live in island cities that float above the clouds, are unexpectedly attacked by their former friends on the surface, the bearlike Ursians. Who is really furnishing the Ursians with weapons to destroy the sky-dwellers?

In this exciting adventure, Tom Swift, Anita Thorwald, Ben Walking Eagle, and the fabulous robot Aristotle risk their lives in a race against time to prevent nuclear destruction!

Tom Swift III Cover Art9: The Gateway To Doom - 1983 - For Sale

Tom is accused by the authorities of New America of causing solar flares that threaten the safety of the space colony.
He and his friends find out that the Luna Corporation, Swift Enterprises' old competitor, has research stations near the Sun and the Planet Elira. Do their experiments have something to do with the flares? Tom decides to investigate, and a terrifying chain of events begins. Tom, Anita, Ben and Aristotle are left imprisoned on a planet that is about to explode! If they don't stop their ruthless enemy, the whole solar system will be blown out of existence and mankind will be annihilated!

Tom Swift sets out to save the world in an incredible race against time!

Tom Swift III Cover Art 10: The Invisible Force - 1983 - For Sale

The research vessel Andromeda is pulled into a gravitational field near Epsilon III and Tom Swift is called upon to save the ship and its crew. With his latest invention, the photon transfer machine, he guides the Andromeda to another-dimensional universe beyond and lands on a strange planet.

But the reception is far from friendly. The weird creatures inhabiting that strange world are determined to destroy the intruders.

Tom and his friends are taken prisoner and face a apparently hopeless situation. Only Tom's inventive genius and a new-found ally Tach provide any hope that they will survive and return to safety!

Tom Swift III Cover Art11: Planet Of Nightmares - 1984 - For Sale

What starts out as a fun trip turns into a sinister adventure when Tom and his friends Ben Walking Eagle, Anita Thorwald, and their mechanical buddy Aristotle join Tom's father on a visit to a Swift Enterprise-owned mining planet. On their way, while stopping at the Planet Lacerta to pick up another passenger, they meet a group of threatening, rather inhuman humans. And when they finally arrive on the mining planet, it is completely deserted. What happened to the crew?

Bizarre accidents begin to occur and suddenly the group's visit becomes a nightmare of danger. Tom's ingenuity and courage are taxed as he and his friends battle the mysterious forces that threaten them.

Two more volumes were planned but never released:
Chaos On Earth

Volumes 1-3 can be found in a slip-cased boxed set, which uses modified cover art from volume one on the front and back covers. - For Sale