The Tom Swift
Young Inventor Series
by Victor Appleton

This 6 volumes series is written in first-person narrative style with Tom himself relating all the action.
Publisher: Simon & Schuster's Alladin imprint.
Illustrator: Craig Phillips (1-6)
Design: Lisa Vega (1-6)
Cover Design: Lisa Stetsios (1-2)
Format: Paperback

The Books
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Tom Swift Young Inventor #1 Into The Abyss Cover Art Tom Swift Young Inventor #2 The Robot Olympics Cover Art Tom Swift Young Inventor #3 The Space Hotel Cover Art

1: Into The Abyss - June 2006 - Buy It

Tom, Bud, and Yo are on the S.S. Nestor, a Swift Enterprises research vessel, to witness Mr. Swift testing his submersible, the Verne-1. Mr. Swift plans to use the Verne-1 to place a network of seismometers on the sea floor to detect underwater earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other phenomena that might generate tidal waves on the ocean's surface. But when an unexpected storm hits and the S.S. Nestor looses contact with the Verne-1, it's up to Tom to save his father.
2: The Robot Olympics - June 2006 - Buy It

Tom's been training his entry, SwiftBot, for the upcoming Robot Olympics -- a major event being sponsored by the White House's Office of Science and Technology. Teenage inventors from around the country will be bringing their homemade robots to compete in a series of athletic competitions. The Road Back, an antiscience terrorist group, has issued a statement condemning the event, and Tom hopes that the tight security at the Robot Olympics will keep TRB from causing trouble. But no such luck. Someone is playing dirty . . . and things are going to get dangerous.
3: The Space Hotel - October 2006 - Buy It

It's the grand opening of APOGEE, the world's first space hotel, an orbital space station designed expressly for the tourist trade. As Swift Enterprises is a major investor in the project, Tom and Sandy have been invited to be among the first guests to visit.

When they arrive at the APOGEE they experience weightlessness, learn about the high-tech nature of the hotel (including the robotic wait and cleaning staff), and play a game of zero-gravity badminton. But as Tom explores the ship he begins to notice some strange happenings. And when a billionaire guest of the hotel turns up missing, Tom suspects foul play....

Tom Swift Young Inventor #4 Rocket Racers Cover Art Tom Swift Young Inventor #5 On Top Of The World Cover Art Tom Swift Young Inventor #6 Under the Radar Cover Art

4: Rocket Racers - January 2007 - Buy It

Tom is teaming up with his pals Yo and Bud to test out his new Swift-Racer, a rocket-powered plane build for speed. There's a competition coming up and Tom thinks the Swift-Racer is advanced enough to set a new record in the world of rocket racing. He and Yo can't wait to see how it stacks up to the competition. Plus the contest will reunite Tom with some of the friends he made when he competed in the Robot Olympics.

But as the practice for the contest gets underway, disaster strikes. Some of the most powerful planes start crashing during their test runs. To Tom, it looks like more than just faulty technology. Could someone be sabotaging the competition? Tom's going to need more than rocket fuel to figure this one out-and he'd better act fast, before someone goes down in flames.
5: On Top Of The World - May 2007 - Buy It

Tom is headed to Mount Everest. Not only will he get some sweet practice time in on his new foil kite snowboard, but he and Bud are going to put his latest invention -- a robot Sherpa -- to the test. At Everst's high elevations they will really be able to run the Sherpa through its paces.

But Tom can't quite focus on the tasks at hand because while there are always rumors of the mysterious Yeti, Tom thinks he's seen one. And what's more is that there's a nasty bunch of hunters on the prowl to capture the yeti "at any cost." Tom knows that some things are better left a mystery and vows to do what he can to protect this natural environment -- and any mysterious species inhabiting it.
6: Under the Radar - October 2007 - Buy It

Tom and his dad are in the park testing out Tom's new invisibility suit when suddenly a van pulls up -- and kidnaps Mr. Swift!

Tom is panicked -- who would want to abduct his father? A strategy meeting is held and the FBI is called. But things get tricky when it looks like the kidnapping was an inside operation. Despite the FBI's insistence that Tom stay out of the investigation, Tom and his sister, Sandy, are determined to find their father -- and whoever is responsible for taking him, whether it's TRB, their rivals at FUG, or even the FBI itself!

One thing is certain -- Tom will test the limits of science to save his family.